Fits '70-'78 Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z

subtle 1.5"-wider fenders allow 8.5"-wide wheels and 245-wide tires for outstanding traction & handling... and a modern, aggressive stance

The VR Engineering Subtle Z kit includes:

hood, airdam, rear spoiler and all four fenders

easy bolt-on / bond-on installation

designed for 2-seaters (you can easily adapt it for 2+2 configuration)

hood features 2" cowl-induction vent, providing additional engine cooling

6" rear spoiler eliminates high-speed rear-end lift

quality 6 oz. handlaid fiberglass with gelcoat finish (your choice of colors)

$1900 total price

Velo Rossa Spyder
Italian for "Fast Red" Spyder


Total production of Ferrari's original (1962) GTO was only 39 cars, rendering the few surviving units today worth their weight in gold... almost literally! One sold in the early 1990s in Japan for over $16 million... a record price. If you admire GTO styling but appreciate everyday driveability and top-down motoring, this VR Spyder is a must-see sports machine. Based upon the durable and reliable 240, 260 or 280Z, this high-quality conversion kit ($3900) consists of only 12 fiberglass pieces; you can complete the entire conversion process in only a few weekends. Velo Rossa can supply all the supplemental items you may need to complete your conversion; alternately, the firm can also provide you with a professionally-built turnkey car (with a rust-free Arizona Z-machine donor car). (Text used with permission from The Complete Guide to Specialty Cars, 8th Edition).

VR Engineering

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