In compliance to a settlement with GM, the Hummbug has been redesignated
The Wombat, accompanied with an appearance upgrade!

photo above hotlinked to another action shot--in higher-resolution
Editor Bill Moore in a cover feature in Kit Car Illustrated magazine referred to the Wombat as "A Supercar... one of the most exciting VW-based products to ever come down the pike! It's one of the best kit cars I've seen in a decade..."

This hummdinger of a genuinely affordable, spectacularly nimble sport-utility vehicle has made a splash on the kit car front like none other in history! You can finish it yourself, or drive it away!

Your Wombat package includes the entire fiberglass body, hood, windshield frame, dash and firewall... and the complete bent round tube steel jig-welded body to chassis subframe and top support frame, steel bumpers, brush guard, tire rack, mounting hardware and hood & windshield hinges.

...Above: kicking up a little dust for the photographer...
this photo also hotlinked to a higher-resolution image.

and below

Black Mariah

... outfitted for a surfin' safari on yonder side of the Pacific...

The craftsmanship: the image above is hotlinked to a larger image
so you can examine Wombat's attention to detail.

Curt Scott had this to say about our off-asphalt machines:

"Not since the SAS/Rat Patrol bedeviled Rommel's Afrika Korps in their armed Willys Jeeps, has the world of offroad motoring enjoyed such a spontaneous kick in the pants. This is good stuff!"

And as the Kit Car Illustrated article reported, you get the full lighting and reflector package, and far too much more to list here. Add to the Wombat's very comprehensive package your VW Beetle donor chassis, and you're only a few weekends away from terrific driving thrills.

The Wombat's robust fiberglass body sports a fully-integrated steel frame, predrilled for the factory bolt pattern on your VW pan, ready for you to bolt to your VW's entirely stock steel chassis. The Wombat is a fleet-footed, spirited scout car that's just as much at home off-road or on the beach as it is prowling your local suburban asphalt.


A basic Wombat rebody kit is $5,850 USD; a kit with the entire array of options is $9,500 USD. If you'd rather just turn the key and ride your own Black Mariah into the sunset, contact us for availability! Turnkey Wombats start at only $18,500.


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as a free pdf download.
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