Each photo of the red Carisma below is hotlinked to a much larger image. 

Top Gun was selected two years in a row at Knott's Berry Farm
as "Best Exoticar Replica."

The firm's latest entry in the exoticar/super-micro-roadster sweepstakes is this new Carisma. Based upon the high-performance, superb-handling Toyota MR2 sports driving machine, it preserves the entire integrity and performance of the MR2 while transforming it with decidedly Eurostyle coachwork (even all of the door & deck latches, the airbags and seatbelts remain in place).

above: The view most other drivers will see of your MR2-based Carisma.

The Carisma is an entirely new design, not a clone of any existing car...
it's a head-turner in every respect, from every angle.

Automotive designer Ron Santarsiero (armed with a degree in Industrial Art) introduced this awesome MR2 Spyder rebody in the Fall of 2002. His objective was to create the most-effective blend of high styling and high performance... all in a package you can afford ($7,995 for all the fiberglass coachwork parts).

Top Gun
2270 Cross Street
La Cañada, California 91011
(818) 606-0623

email: TopRSgun@yahoo.com

All photography and image editing on Top Gun's pages by Curt Scott.

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