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The Super Stepside is among the easiest-to-install and most cost-effective body conversion packages on the market. There's a 1985 Chevy Caprice lurking beneath the sculpted coachwork of this red Super Stepside.

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The Super Stepside is breathtakingly beautiful from every angle...

You can select from several readily-available GM ("B-Model") passenger cars
(extensive list below) to create your Super Stepside rolling masterpiece.

Your choice of donor cars includes the following:






Pontiac Parisienne 4 dr

Buick LeSabre 4 dr

Pontiac Bonneville 4 dr

Olds 4 dr station Wagon

Olds Custom Cruiser 4 dr Wagon

The following donor cars have the rearview mirror
located to the front slightly:








Chevy Impala & Caprice 4 dr

Pontiac Parisienne 4 dr

Pontiac Safari Wagon

Olds Custom Cruiser Wagon

Buick Estate Wagon

A testimonial from Super Stepside owner and automotive journalist Joe Greeves

I'm Don Fuselier. Give me a call at:

Super Stepside
501 E. Gloria Switch Rd.
Lafayette, Louisiana 70501
(337) 291-1070
email: SuperStepside

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Take me to Joe Greeves' gushing testimonial about his Super Stepside

General Motors, GM, Chevrolet Impala and Caprice, Pontiac Bonneville, Parisienne and Safari, and Buick LeSabre and Estate Wagon are all trademarked names. Super Stepside is not affiliated with any of these trademark holders.

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