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25 January 2011

Dear Kit Car:

Mark that gorgeous red Classic Roadsters Sebring SOLD!

It’s got a new home in New Jersey.

I give a lot of credit to your site’s excellent motorcar photography tips for both the level of response I got and for selling my car!

Kevin Hughes
Owings, Maryland

(Editor: now, take a look at just one of the splendid photos that helped get Kevin’s buyer's attention in New Jersey!)

kit cars for sale by owner

20 September 2010

Dear Kit Car:

Mark that breathtaking 1936 Maharajah Duesenberg reproduction SOLD!

This is the 5th or 6th car I’ve sold on your website! KitCar rocks!

Ron Santino
La Cañada, California

kit cars for sale by owner

22 January 2010

Dear Kit Car:

On January 5th I placed a "Wanted" ad on KitCar to announce I was searching for a Porsche 356 Speedster kit or unfinished car.

Within days a nice fellow in South Carolina spotted my ad; he phoned me and I promptly purchased his Speedster kit. Thanks for a job well done!

Your website REALLY ROCKS! You’ve come through for me every time!

Now I'm about to place a similar ad announcing that I'm searching for a Wombat (aka “Hummbug”) kit!

John York
York Sports Cars
Ashland, Virginia

kit cars and Porsche replicas For Sale by owner

12 January 2010

Dear Kit Car:

Mark my beautiful blue Lamborghini 5000-S replica SOLD!

It’s now the proud possession of a new owner in New York!

I received many serious responses. I especially appreciate your expert photography tips!

Thanks Again!

James Kelly
Xenia, Ohio

(Editor: now, take a look at just one of the splendid photos that helped get James’ buyer's attention!)

Lamborghini replicas and Ferrari replicas For Sale by owner

27 April 2009

Dear Kit Car:

Mark my Lambo Murcielago replica SOLD!

It sold just a few days ago to another Lamborghini enthusiast right here in southern California!

I want to thank KitCar for its 'broad reach' and for Curt’s fabulous motorcar photography tips, which definitely helped me to show the world just how beautiful my car is!

Moinn Radhan
Buena Park, California

(Editor: now, take a look at just one of the splendid photos that helped get Moinn’s buyer's attention!)

Lamborghini replicas and Ferrari replicas For Sale by owner

4 December 2008

Dear Kit Car:

Mark our Porsche 911 Targa SOLD!

How's this for SIX rave reviews in a row?

Thanks again!

Demetrios Koroneos
Exotic Illusions
Archbald, Pennsylvania

kit cars for sale by owner

11 December 2007

Dear Kit Car:

That sleek red Calspyder has now been SOLD!

We had numerous enquiries (and are still getting them!) so great exposure from your site.

Many thanks!


Mike & Anne Renucci
Classic Cars by Renucci
Tempe, Arizona

kit cars for sale by owner

26 November 2007

Dear Kit Car:

Mark our Marlene kit SOLD!

A lucky fellow from Texas is now the new owner, and the shippers are on their way there today.

Take care and have a great holiday season!

Shelley Powell
Pasadena, California

kit cars for sale by owner

4 September 2007

Dear Kit Car:

Mark our Ferrari Daytona Spyder replica SOLD!

KitCar has proven to be the most effective (and most cost-effective!) place we have advertised our stable of kit cars and—occasionally— production sports cars!

How's this for FOUR rave reviews in a row?

Thanks again!

Demetrios Koroneos
Exotic Illusions
Archbald, Pennsylvania

kit cars for sale by owner

14 February 2007

Dear Kit Car:

Mark my Vintage Speedsters Porsche Speedster replica SOLD!

Let me thank you for your expert motorcar photography tips!

Everyone commented how good my photos are, and I'm certain that those photos helped to sell my Speedster.

(Editor: now, take a look at the splendid photos that helped get his buyer's attention!)

Again, thanks!

Jeff Pacula
San Clemente, California

kit cars and Porsche replicas For Sale by owner

18 December 2006

Dear Kit Car:

Mark my yellow Lamborghini Countach replica SOLD!

Kit Car pulls in more serious buyers than any other web site or magazine, bar none!

How's this for THREE rave reviews in a row?

Thanks again!

Demetrios Koroneos
Exotic Illusions
Archbald, Pennsylvania

kit cars and Porsche replicas For Sale by owner

5 December 2006

Dear Kit Car:

Mark my red Porsche Speedster replica SOLD!

Curt's expert tips on motorcar photography are what helped to attract all the attention and sell my car.

(Editor: now, take a look at the terrific photos that helped get his buyer's attention!)

Kit Car is definitely the #1 place to advertise a Porsche replica!

Best regards!

Bob Clark
Sacramento, California

kit cars and Porsche replicas For Sale by owner

6 November 2006

Dear Kit Car:

Mark my black & gold Lamborghini Countach replica SOLD!

Kit Car pulls in more serious buyers than any other web site or magazine, bar none!

How's this for two rave reviews in a row?

Thanks again!

Demetrios Koroneos
Exotic Illusions
Archbald, Pennsylvania

Lamborghini replicas and Ferrari replicas For Sale by owner

14 October 2006

Dear Kit Car:

Mark my red Lamborghini 25th Anniversary Countach replica SOLD!

I got lots of serious inquiries and sold the car within 5 weeks of putting it up.

Demetrios Koroneos
Exotic Illusions
Archbald, Pennsylvania

Lamborghini replicas and Ferrari replicas For Sale by owner

18 June 2006

Dear Kit Car:

Mark my Allard J2X SOLD!

I can't believe it! My first call came only about 3 or 4 hours after my ad went up on Kit Car!

I received a total of 17 or 18 inquiries, several of them very serious.... but it was the very first caller who purchased it less than a week later!

Thank you, Kit Car, for a job well done! And thank you for your website's wonderful car photography tips!

(Editor: now, take a look at the photos that helped get his buyer's attention!)

Paul Nestler
New Topsail Beach, North Carolina

kit cars for sale by owner

19 July 2006

Dear KitCar:

Mark my Lamborghini Diablo replica SOLD!

Thanks to, a lucky buyer scooped it up in only 3 days!

Thanks again!

Aaron Vigness
Vigness Motorsports
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Lamborghini replicas and Ferrari replicas For Sale by owner

12 June 2006

Dear Kit Car:

Please mark my F512 replica SOLD!

Good job, Kit Car!

Joe Mancello
Staten Island, New York

Lamborghini replicas and Ferrari replicas For Sale by owner


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kit cars for sale by owner

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kit cars for sale by owner

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kit cars for sale by owner

For Sale: custom tube-chassis exotic kit car. All body panels, door panels, and dash are included, and all of the existing assembly work was professionally done. The BIG Picture: Click Here! Drivetrain: GM 2.5L 4 cylinder “Iron Duke” and GM automatic transmission. Engine has logged only 76,000 miles. Things you’ll need to do to finish: complete paint, upholstery, new tires, front wheel alignment, brakes adjusted (4-wheel disc). Has A/C (not charged), windshield, install rear wing, battery, taillights, door strikers, wiperblades, winshield washer fuild. install instruments adjust headlights mount existing new seats. $4,800 obo. Motivated seller needs the garage space! Contact Bruce at (863) 233-7563 EDT, or email:
Orlando, Florida
6 November

For Sale: 1935 500K Mercedes replica. Signal Red/saddle leather upholstery. The BIG Picture: Click Here! Not fiberglass, but handcrafted all-steel body built by The Classic Factory of Pomona, California in 1985. In-Your-Face frontal shot: Click Here! Coachworks parts were handmade by famed Marcel Delay & Sons, Custom Metal Shaping, Corona, California. [The 500K was the very finest of Mercedes Benz productions of the mid-1930s, and each of the very few surviving originals is worth over $10 million; in one memorable film sequence from 1935 you see (Reichminister) Hermann Goering driving his own silver 500K Mercedes at the head of a procession of motorcars in the grand opening ceremony of one of Nazi Germany's early autobahns. BIG Photo of dashboard1: Click Here! The fabulous 500K was also a favorite of heads of state and film stars of the era, including Hollywood legend Marlene Dietrich. BIG Photo of dashboard2: Click Here!]. This all-steel beauty is built on a Ford chassis with a 400 cid Ford V8 powerplant & automatic transmission. Classic Factory used this very automobile to make the molds for their famed 500K fiberglass reproductions. This award-winning motorcar has been used by celebrities in many parades in California including the Hollywood Christmas Parade. BIG Photo of rear seating area: Click Here! It has been featured on countless magazine covers over the years. It is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. BIG Photo of the door upholstery: Click Here! Incidentally, the 'K' in '500K' stood for 'Kurz,' German for "short," referring to its (shorter-than-phaeton and other 4-door models) wheelbase. BIG broadside shot: Click Here! $85,000 obo. Contact Lee Foldenauer at (574) 277-3798 EST, or email:
South Bend, Indiana
20 January

For Sale: 1952 Jaguar XK120 replica, by Eagle Coach Work of Buffalo, New York (long recognized as the very finest of the XK120 replicas). The BIG Picture: Click Here! This little jungle cat is 90% finished, and it runs and drives. All electrics functional except fuel gauge quit and horns don’t yet work. Final finishing needed: heater, upholstery installed, top, side curtains, cooling fan, tailpipes, and bumpers installed. You get all the parts needed to finish. It was painted last summer in Carbon Fiber Metallic color; not professionally painted, but very nice for a driver. Car has not yet been titled. Chassis: 2”x4” steel tube, engineered and manufactured by Eagle Coach Work. The donor car is a 1976 Mustang II with a robust Ford 2.8L V6 and automatic transmission. BIG Photo of powerplant: Click Here! It has a 16 gallon [60 litre] aluminum fuel cell assessible beneath the aluminum fuel door. BIG 3/4-rearview shot: Click Here! Wiring was all painstakingly crimped, soldered, and heat-shrink tubing was applied. It was built to be a spirited and reliable driver, not a show car. BIG rear shot: Click Here! $17,500 obo, willing to negotiate. Need the garage space. Contact Tom at (605) 462-6669 MDT, or email:
Long Valley, South Dakota
18 July

For Sale: 1952 MG-TD replica by Fiberfab. This  flying-fendered little sportscar (I call her Maggie) has really been well cared for. The builder that I bought it from four years ago loved her dearly. The (Ford 4-cyl./2,300 cc German-engineered) powerplant is overhead cam so it is a bit smoky in the garage when I first start it, but doesn't use any oil. I’ve put only about 4,000 fun miles on it, due to the unpredictable weather here in Missouri. The rugged and reliable little engine has logged only about 43K miles so it’s never needed a rebuild. The 4-speed Ford tranny and clutch are in great condition and have no issues. Also, you get the original odometer, side curtains, tonneau cover, and a complete set of Chilton’s 1976 Ford Pinto manuals. The brakes are good, (front disc) the steering I've had worked on to tighten it up, and above 65 mph gets a little shaky. I had the car aligned a year ago last spring,  The Goodyear tires are like new. The chrome is rust free, although there are some minor factory imperfections. The top and back window are in great shape; there is one snap missing on the left back corner of the top, easily replaceable. The fiberglass body is in splendid shape, altho’ the driver door has a scraped spot about 2.5"–3" long (you can see it in the photo) from the previous owner hitting his garage door; I've not had it touched up. I also added door restraints to keep the door from folding back onto the rear fender. I’ve always stored her indoors during the winter, and used Stabil gas treatment each year to keep the fuel system clean. The clutch, brake and gas pedals are very close, just as on the real deal (we’re talkin’ authenticity!), and I’ve worked to give them more space, which I think could still be improved. I’m 5' 9" tall and weigh about 230 lbs., which makes it a close, but not uncomfortable ride for me. $7,500. Contact K.C. “Casey” at (816) 665-2442 CDT, or email:
Blue Springs, Missouri (suburb of Kansas City)
23 June

For Sale: Toyota MR2 La Scala rebody with an original design from Top Gun. The BIG Picture: Click Here! Stop traffic wherever you take it. All the creature comforts and reliability of a production motorcar with an ultra-exotic body. BIG Photo of cockpit: Click Here! The MR2 has logged only approximately 17,000 miles, so it’s like new in every respect. In-Your-Face frontal shot: Click Here! I purchased the MR2 brand-new. BIG closeup shot #1: Click Here! It cost over $100,000 to build; it’s yours for $28,500. BIG rear shot: Click Here! Contact Ron at (818) 606-0623 PDT, or email:
BIG closeup shot #2: Click Here!
La Cañada, (southern) California
25 March

For Sale: Gazelle kit, styling based upon 1929 Mercedes Benz SSK (SSK = Sehr Schnell/Kurz, German for "Very Fast/Short (wheelbase)], made by Classic Motor Carriages. Here’s a photograph of a rolling Gazelle/SSK, to show you how it looks when finished. This is a complete kit, all parts contained (including the assembly manual), and with the front and rear suspension installed onto the chassis. Made for Ford Pinto/Mustang drivetrain. It’s yours as a kit to finish yourself, or I can build it for you... and our shop (York Sports Cars) has built more Gazelles/SSK’s than anyone else. Here’s another set of photos of a finished car. $3,500 obo. Contact John York at (804) 798-5268 EST, or email:
Ashland, Virginia (north of Richmond)
3 December

1981 Cimbria SS, one owner. The body was purchased from Amore Cars originally in Wisconsin. The BIG Picture: Click Here! It is very rare. The coachwork is fiberglass with a VW pan uncut. Under the hood: completely rebuilt Saab V-4 engine made by Ford for Saab; thermostat controlled radiator fan; transmission adapter plate compatible with a Ford V-6; 4-speed transmission. BIG gullwing-doors-open shot: Click Here! Rolling stock: American Racing magnesium wheels, 14" front, 15" rear, fitted with BF Goodrich T/A Radial rubber. Halogen headlights. Chassis was sand-blasted, painted and undercoated. Recently I have installed new brake cylinders in the front, plus a master brake cylinder, plus I had the carburetor rebuilt. In the cockpit: Porsche seats, ARA A/C (needs gas) and heater, VDO gauges, Trans-Am steering column, Hurst shifter. BIG dashboard shot: Click Here! Side windows that open out are Lexan; rear windows are tempered glass; windshield is Shat-R-Proof tinted safety glass; the body has foam undercoating which reduces road noise. The fully-finished interior is in excellent condition. Also, this SS model has doors seven inches (7") lower than older models for easier entry and exit. BIG cockpit shot: Click Here! Corvette air shocks in the rear; additional coil springs added to the torsion bar suspension setup. This car has been kept in my garage since 1981 and has been driven 3,436 miles; clear Florida title as an assembled vehicle. It is in very good condition—never been in an accident, but it needs a little work—the body needs a paint touchup in a few spots (lacquer). BIG broadside shot: Click Here! $5,200 obo. Contact Bill at (407) 830-xxxx
Altamonte Springs, Florida
23 June

For Sale: of 180 of these on-road/offroad beasts sold. Teal finish (premium Dupont Spectramaster 4-part paint), gray upholstery. The BIG Picture: Click Here! Includes removable soft top and doors, luggage rack, leather seats, 36 oz./yard carpet. It boasts full instrumentation, a 1,600 cc engine bored 0.030" over, Weber progressive two-barrel carburetor, electric fuel pumps, Bosch 90 amp alternator, Bosch 009 mechanical-advance distributer, headers with heater boxes, cellular booster antenna and Hella driving and fog lamps. 9.5x30Rx15" dual-groove mud & snow tires, Mickey Thompson Classic Two mags, effective rear end ratio 3-speed with overdrive. Second fuel tank, cargo area behind seats. BIG 3/4-rearview shot: Click Here! Kenwood tape deck with Polk speakers. Quick acceleration and lots of top end, mid-twenties mpg. Have receipts. There are a few minor items you might want to finish: I didn't see any need to install the front skid pan, the wiring in the passenger compartment needs to be tucked away and out-of-sight, and one piece of carpet was not installed. In-Your-Face frontal shot: Click Here! $10,500. Contact James at (530) 570-1699 PST, or email:
Cohasset, (northern) California
7 June/September

Sebring MX by Classic Roadsters. Ramsgate Red, unupholstered. This little sports car is the embodiment of “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”—the powertrain and suspension of a Shelby Cobra, but cloaked in the coachwork of an Austin Healey 3000. The BIG Picture: Click Here! Under the hood: Ford 302 small-block V-8 bored 0.030" over, outfitted with an Edelbrock 1406 carburetor with electric choke, Edelbrock 289 intake manifold, Edelbrock 2122 cam, Mallory Pro-Master coil, 16" Zirgo ZFX electric fan with thermostat and manual control, Griffin aluminum radiator. BIG Photo of powerplant: Click Here! Geartrain: Ford C4 with 8.8" Ford rear. Suspension: Ford Mustang front suspension and brakes, Classic Roadsters front anti-sway bar, manual rack & pinion steering, front coil/rear leaf spring. In-Your-Face frontal shot: Click Here! In the cockpit: VDO gauges, tilt steering column, custom window cranks, custom pedals, knobs and switches, neutral safety switch, Air-Tique heater/defroster. BIG Photo of (uncompleted) cockpit: Click Here! Also fitted with: 3rd brakelight, catalytic converter, soft top. BIG 3/4-rearview shot: Click Here! $13,500 obo. Contact Kevin at (301) 996-XXXX
Owings, Maryland
25 January 2011: Mark that gorgeous red Classic Roadsters Sebring SOLD! It’s got a new home in New Jersey. I give a lot of credit to your site’s excellent motorcar photography tips for both the level of response I got and for selling my car! Kevin Hughes

WANTED: Wombat (aka ‘Hummbug’), unbuilt kit or unfinished car. Contact John York at (804) 798-5268 weekdays (EST), or email: [please include your telephone number(s) in your email].
Ashland, Virginia
19 April

For Sale: 1952 Jaguar XK120 roadster replica by well-respected Antique & Collectibles, of Buffalo, New York. Guards Red/saddle interior. The BIG Picture: Click Here! It is a factory-built car, built on a custom 2x4 tubular steel chassis. Under the hood: 2.3L Ford 4-cylinder powerplant... this is the rugged/virtually indestructible OHC engine engineered and manufactured in Germany and used in smaller Ford cars (including the German-built Mercury Capri) in the 1970s; engine upgrades include a mild street cam, 4-bbl. carburetor and manifold, and ceramic-coated headers and exhaust. It cranks with a mere touch of the key, and runs and propels this little beast beautifully. It was produced in 1982, and is titled as a 1982 Jaguar. It was fitted with genuine Lucas "tripod" headlights, and was "restored" in 2001–2002 with a new interior. BIG Photo of cockpit: Click Here! I drive it as a second car, and it qualifies as a daily driver in every respect. It turns heads and elicits “thumbs up” signs wherever we go. In-Your-Face frontal shot: Click Here! Asking $29,900 obo. Contact Randy at (630) 464-1531 CDT cell, or email:
Lillian, Alabama (near Pensacola, Florida)
12 January.

It's a doozy! A breathtaking reproduction of the famed 1936 ‘Maharajah Duesenberg.’ This Duesy measures a majestic 20 ft. (6 meters) long bumper-to-bumper, and is fully outfitted with a V8 powerplant, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning... all the modern creature comforts carefully cloaked in 1936 opulence and mystique. The period-correct interior is executed in fine Italian leather, tangerine in hue. BIG Photo of cockpit: Click Here! Attention to detail is second to none. It's constructed on a (low-mileage and rock-solid) 1996 Dodge Dakota chassis. This motorcar is fit for a king... or a maharajah. Building this Duesy doppelgänger demanded three years of full-time effort; I've since been advised by experts that it might well be the all-time finest replica of the ‘Golden Years of Hollywood’ era of exquisite motorcars. Put succinctly, there was only one original ‘Maharajah Duesenberg,’ and only (this) one reproduction, and not likely to be another. It's yours for $180,000 obo. Contact me at (818) 606-xxxx
La Cañada, (southern) California
17 April.
20 September 2010: Mark that breathtaking 1936 Maharajah Duesenberg reproduction SOLD! This is the 5th or 6th car I’ve sold on your website! KitCar rocks! Ron Santino

1934 Ford 3-window coupe reproduction. PPG Aqua Blue/matching two-tone interior. Outfitted with the very best: 350" Chevy V8 powerplant, Edelbrock carburetor, Jet Hot Coated headers, GM350 automatic transmission, Ididit steering column, Pioneer stereo sound system, a color-matched travel trailer replete with a king-sized igloo COOL ROLLER ice chest... also color-matched! This beauty has been entertaining eye candy for motorists and streetrodders in Kansas and Missouri.
Wichita, Kansas
1 January

Marlene’ roadster Deluxe Kit by Classic Roadsters Ltd. Here's a photo of a finished 'Marlene' of the same color: Click Here! White coachwork/blue fabric top/blue upholstery. Here's what automotive writer Curt Scott had to say about the 'Marlene' in the early 1990s: “Reminiscent of the styling of the legendary 500K Mercedes roadsters of the 1930s, the Marlene 500K is today one of Classic Roadsters’ most popular models. Even the name is reminiscent of the sentimental lyrics of the German (and Allied!) wartime ballad ‘Lili Marlene,’ that poignant tune ironically sung in German by (Swedish-born German) Lale (“Lolly”) Anderson, and in English by (German-born American) Marlene Dietrich. CR’s own literature points out, however, that the name was derived from the fact that in 1936 Daimler Benz was commissioned to design a personalized model for sultry international film star Marlene Dietrich, and thus for a historical touch the title “Marlene” seemed an appropriate sobriquet. Downsized a bit, and lighter and more nimble than the Teutonic original, the Marlene is the marvelous motorcar for enthusiasts who appreciate the timeless styling of the 1930s Daimlers, but require more durability and economy and practicality for everyday driving.” (end of quote). This Classic Roadsters unbuilt kit, still in its original shipping container, is the ‘Deluxe' Edition’ (specc'd for all standard Ford component parts). $8,800 obo. Contact Shelley at (626) 797-xxxx
Pasadena, California
4 October
26 November 2007: Mark our Marlene kit SOLD! A lucky fellow from Texas is now the new owner, and the shippers are on their way there today. Take care and have a great holiday season! Shelley Powell

2007 CalSpyder, brand-new and unregistered. Rosso Red/saddle tan cockpit. The BIG Picture: Click Here! An earlier version of the CalSpyder featured in the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." We're the company who builds the CalSpyder, and we and recently completed this car for a customer who wants us to sell it for him. He has over $85,000 invested in this brand-new car, sparing no expense to build a first-rate road-cruising sports car. Under the hood: 300 horsepower Ford 302 small-block V8; engine bay area is lined in machine-spun aluminum. BIG Picture of powerplant: Click Here! Geartrain: Tremec T5 "World Class" 5-speed gearbox and limited-slip differential. Chassis specifics: The Calspyder has its own custom frame fabricated in 0.120" wall, mild-steel rectangular tubing and designed for maximum stiffness, including torsional stiffness which is critical in a roadster to reduce road shake. In the front, Ford Mustang II rack & pinion double-wishbone front suspension with QA1 12-position adjustable coil-over shocks and anti-sway bar; 11" Ford disc brakes; in the rear, Jaguar-style IRS with inboard disc brakes and QA1 coil-overs. 72-spoke 15" chromed 'knock-off' wire wheels and adapters are fitted with 215/60x15 Michelins (MX4V Plus). In the cockpit: supple leather interior with covered one-piece dash, seats, door panels and top rolls, tunnel, footwells, rear quarter panels and gearshift & handbrake boots. Fully carpeted interior and trunk. BIG Photo of cockpit: Click Here! Convertible top: fully-functional black hood is fitted along with a padded tan tonneau cover. This beauty is now in the hands of a proud new owner, but give us a call if you’d like a CalSpyder built to your specifications! Contact Classic Cars by Renucci LLC at:
Tempe, Arizona
11 December 2007: That sleek red Calspyder has now been SOLD! We had numerous enquiries (and are still getting them!) so great exposure from your site. Many thanks! Regards, Mike Renucci

1952 Allard J2X replica by Hardy Motor Works. British Racing Green/saddle-tan Argentine leather interior. 1963 Chevy Impala SS 327 V8 (4-speed Rochester carburetor, mild street cam), 4-speed gearbox, Ford 9" rear. Exquisitely detailed and finished. Completed in 1996, only 23,400 miles, driven mostly in local parades and club expeditions, always stored in garage. You also get period-correct Craftsman toolbox and several (also period-correct) mechanics tools, and a circa-1948 Texaco gas station water/radiator can, all in excellent shape. $33,900 obo. Contact Paul at (910) 256-xxxx
New Topsail Beach, North Carolina
18 June
27 May 2006: Mark my Allard J2X SOLD! I can't believe it! My first call came only about 3 or 4 hours after my ad went up on Kit Car! I received a total of 17 or 18 inquiries, several of them very serious.... but it was the very first caller who purchased it less than a week later! Thank you, Kit Car, for a job well done! And thank you for your website's wonderful car photography tips! Paul Nestler

1955 Mercedes SLR. Yes, someone did get one of those classic SLRs (this is #002). I bought it from the dentist in Detroit who went to Florida and picked it up; and he paid $17,000 for just the body and chassis. And now it is available to you. Engine just finished by Kim Barr Racing Engines (Ford 302, bored-polished-titanium-dynoed - 298 hpusing a 4 bbl carb!) Auto tranny just rebuilt. Car needs to be built - custom tubular chassis with a body that is really great (inner fenders and firewall in body)! Most parts included: hardtop, windshield frame, inner doors, head rests. Need to clear out of the garage--first $9,650 gets it. Phone Bob at (214)520-xxxx
Dallas, Texas
3 June

Classic Roadsters Sebring MX kit. Why buy someone else's car when you can build your own? Completing my kit will allow you to build your big Healey correctly at a much lower cost then purchasing a new kit directly from Classic Roadsters. This kit includes the complete body package plus many extras but is lacking the frame and sub body support kit. Items include: complete body kit (burgundy), interior (Royal kit), leather-(tan), carpet (burgundy), outside trim (tan canvas top, boot & tonneau cover), chromed parts (bumpers, light & front grille surrounds, etc), electrical (full CR harness & all lights), windows (all & roll-up CR kit), seals (complete CR kit), hard top (complete-burgundy), extras (new Mustang shocks & CR conversion kit for non 8.8" GT rear). Art Morrison suspension (chromoly upper A-arms, lower control arms, oversized strut arms, front and rear coil-over adjustable shock mounts & front and rear shocks & all tabs to convert tube rear to 4-link bar & ball joints & coil springs black powder coated) If you're interested in building one of these cars, study what I am offering then study manufacture information on the Classic Roadsters web wite to realize the savings that are available by purchasing my kit and then supplementing it with a new frame and sub-structure parts-package from CRL Make me a reasonable offer and this kit can be yours.
Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina
30 May
Dear Kit Car: Mark my Sebring MX SOLD... before I could even get my photos to you! I want to inform you that I had several inquiries about my partial Sebring MX kit which resulted in a sale this past week. Your knowledgeable information on what the dollar amount I should expect allowed me to price it at what it probably was worth. This produced interest and a sale instead of scaring potential buyers off. Once again Thanks so much and good luck in your continued efforts to keep the Kit Car industry clean. Best Wishes in the future. Peter Crumley

1952 Jaguar XK120 kit by Eagle Coach Work. Red/black interior. 75% finished, engine, gearbox, and suspension all installed. Driveshaft shortened and balanced. Mustang II/Pinto donor. Starting new business and must sell. $8,800 obo. Call Terry at (803) 548-xxxx
Tega Cay, South Carolina
12 May

Classic Roadsters Duke, 1937 Jaguar replica. Red/tan convertible top. Box-frame custom chassis. 302 Ford engine. 3-speed automatic transmission. Hurst shifter. Complete new brake system. 6-steel spoke wheels new tires & new shocks. Edelbrock manifold, 4-bbl carbueretor & dual exhaust. Solid oak dash and steering wheel. Tilt wheel. It is fast and handles great. Less than 1,600 miles. $12,500.
Plato Center, Illinois
6 May

Bugatti type 55 Roadster. Red/black upholstery. Built in 1988-'89 on VW chassis. 3-speed, Classic vintage series instrument gauges, AM/FM radio, running boards with step plates, side-mounted spare tire. Low mileage, priced to sell at $7900. Call (231) 652-xxxx
Newaygo, Michigan
3 May

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Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight: It's not a kit car-specific site, but this URL harbors nothing but lots of tools and related consumables for motorcar enthusiasts of every ilk! This Camarillo, California-headquartered tool retailer offers you Golden State locations in Bakersfield, Camarillo, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Escondido, Fresno, Garden Grove, Hemet, Hesperia, Lakewood, Lancaster, Lomita, Modesto, Newark/Fremont, Orange/Tustin, Pasadena, Redding, Riverside, Sacramento (2 locations, north and south), Salinas, San Bernardino, Santa Maria, Santa Rosa, Simi Valley, Stockton, Upland, Vallejo, Visalia and Westminster!

Harbor Freight also has retail locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina (4 locations: Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Raleigh), North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee (4 locations: Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville), Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and (whew!) Wisconsin.

GRINDER GRANDE: One honkin' bench grinder
Photo below hotlinked to a larger image of HF's 10" grinder.

kit cars for sale
I ordered Harbor Freight's 10" bench grinder a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, my trusty old green six-inch/ 1/2 hp Packard grinder that all too often is just underpowered is still there. I use my bench grinder probably more than any other single power tool in my shop, and it's always frustrating for it to keep slowing down and stalling on me.

This 10" grinder (HF's item# 6510-0VGA) boasts a full 2 hp and slower speed (it's 1,750 rpm, vs. 3,450 rpm for my 6" grinder), and it's quiet and almost vibration-free, no doubt a bonus-effect of the slower speed and all-ball-bearing construction.

It's powerful... you're not likely to persuade this grinder to grind to a halt. It comes with two 10" grinder wheels (one medium, one relatively fine), as well as tool rests and eye shields (flimsy eye shields, so I'll stick to wearing goggles), and HF carries all the other optional stuff (a variety of 10" cloth buffing wheels and an 8" wire wheel, HF item# 46765-0VGA). And it's only $99.99 (no doubt marked down from $100--smile), and shipping is free... not a minor consideration, since it weighs 75 lbs.

This mega-grinder is not stocked in HF's retail stores, so you must order it from their website or their catalog. But as you can tell, I'm very pleased with it!

It's like a bench grinder on steroids. I find myself grinding (and wire-brushing) things that don't even need to be ground or wire-brushed.

The photo above is hotlinked to a much-larger photo of The Honker.

A disappointing follow-up to my favorable review
of Harbor Freight's 10" bench grinder:

I mentioned in my review (above) that the grinder's eye shields are quite flimsy. One was cracked upon delivery, the other broke the first time I used the grinder. Flimsy.

I phoned HF’s CustSvc Dept. on 6/24/03 and explained to the lady who answered that I’d like to contact HF’s President or perhaps VP/Marketing re arranging some sort of incentive for you as a KitCar visitor to purchase HF products, the lady I spoke to adamantly refused to give me any contact info at all, and insisted that I email "Customer Service" (her department, with my request. She displayed open hostility to my request.

Although the "CustSvc Dept." didn't really seem to me to be the appropriate destination, just the same I sent the email that same day, requesting that someone in HF management contact me for my suggestion that you be offered some special discount or other incentive for coming to them from KitCar, and further requesting a replacement of the eye shields (preferably better-constructed shields).

As I anticipated, no one in HF's "CustSvc Dept." ever bothered to reply... not to my request for the KC-based incentive for you, nor to my request for replacement eye shields. So precisely one month later, on 24 July, I wrote a letter to HF's President E.A. Smidt; in that letter I made the same two courteous requests. It's 9 September 2003 today. I've never received any reply from Mr. Smidt either. And I think I've waited long enough and patiently enough. Sigh.

In the meantime I stumbled across additional problems... not with the grinder itself, but with the accessories I purchased for it. You see, the grinder has a 20mm arbor, instead of the SAE standard 3/4" arbor. 20mm is 1mm larger than 3/4". Translated: none of the 10" cloth buffing wheels I purchased from HF would mount on the grinder. I don't (and I'll bet you don't) possess a 20mm drill bit to perform the necessary reaming operation. And Harbor Freight doesn't carry it. I was forced into the snail-paced process of grinding out the centers with my cone-shaped grinding stone in order to mount the wheels. I'll bet that your tool chest doesn't include a 30mm socket either... and that's the size you need for the arbor nut on each end of the grinder. And Harbor Freight doesn't carry it.

Then when I finally was able to mount and use one of the cloth buffing wheels, the cloth immediately began disintegrating and flying all over my shop. Flimsy. Contrast that experience with my Sears Craftsman cloth buffing wheels that I've used on my 6" grinder for years... with nary a single instance of shredding.

I would advise HF of these product-quality aggravations I experienced, except that it self-evidently is HF policy... from the top on down... that no one need bother to even read customer communications, much less reply to them. Not even to a long-time customer's courteous request for "customer service." Sigh.

kit cars for sale by owner

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kit cars for sale

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