More evidence of JLGI/Just Spyders/
...Tecnodesign/EAS craftsmanship... and legal problems.

26 April 2000: BREAKING NEWS ITEM!!
We received this marvelous missive from the Santa Barbara
District Attorney's Office just today:

Count of Santa Barbara District Attorney

The Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office is conducting a criminal investigation relating to the activities of Mr. Jeffrey Williams and his company(s); EAS, EAS Design, European Automotive Styling and Design, and Motivated Inc.

If you have been defrauded, think you are a victim of his activities, or have information relating to any misrepresentations by him, then please prepare a written summary and send it to:

Investigator Dan Raimer
Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office
118 E. Figueroa Street
Santa Barbara, California 93101

If you have any questions, I (Dan Raimer) can be reached at 805-568-2355. Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely, Dan Raimer

Luis Yanez (El Paso, Texas, USA) sent us these photos of the JLGI/Just Spyders/Tecnodesign/EAS "Ferrari 355" replica that he purchased from EAS's Jeffrey Williams in February, 1998. Each of the small images below is a hot linked to a much higher-resolution image, so you can see for yourself the abysmal quality of this outfit's unfit product. The kit car magazines have been welcoming Tecnodesign's (JLGI/Lucas Group, etc. etc.) advertising dollars for years, no questions asked, and providing you with no warning regarding the complaints they've received. No warning whatsoever, and of course no evidence of their ever considering refusing those advertising dollars.

hot-linked images

under the fender #1

under the fender #2

looking down on rear end

The left rear clip. Note the massive crack to the right of the taillight, and the grizzly overall finish of the fiberglass.

Note the quality of
this glasswork.

The front end. Sigh.

These three photos (above) pretty much speak for themselves. The fiberglass fit-and-finish of this kit ranks with the most wretched fiberglass I've ever seen, junk in every respect. And Mr. Williams displays the insolence to deduct from Luis Yanez' funds an $1154 "restocking fee" and $600 in shipping charges for this lame excuse for industrial waste. California Attorney General Dan Lundgren, where are you?
Curt Scott

Below is the text of the letter Mr. Yanez sent to me alleging his experience with EAS, Tecnodesign/JLGI, Jeffrey Williams and Jack Lugus:


2 September 1998

Dear Curt:

Please post this letter on your Kit Car/Consumer Alert web page, regarding EAS and Tecnodesign. In this letter, I will include a brief rundown of my ordeal with Jeffrey Williams of European Automotive Styling (in Santa Barbara, California) and the product they distribute for Tecnodesign. On Feb. 10, 1998, I ordered a 355 Spyder replica kit from EAS. I also ordered the interior package; on Feb. 26, 1998, I also ordered tires and wheels from Jeff Williams. On the purchase order was a written guarantee for 3 week delivery, along with written statement stating "subject to customer approval and not subject to 20% restocking fee ($1154)." On April 7, 1998, after numerous warnings of cancellation on my order, I cancelled my order. During that entire time I never received one item from EAS and was intentionally misled by being given an incorrect tracking number for someone else's kit. The excuses (given to me) were ridiculous and I even received phone calls from Jack Lugus pleading with me not to cancel. But I finally did on April 7. I had placed my 50% deposit on a credit card, so I asked for a refund. Only the money for the tires and wheels was refunded. On April 10, 1998, I received a fax with a tracking number stating the kit had already been shipped. I decided that since I had already wasted 2 months, another week wouldn't matter. I spoke to Jeff Williams and he promised that the kit was perfect and all components were inside the crate. Only now, He could not accept my credit card for final payment as originally agreed. So I sent a check. That turned out to be a $2000 mistake. The 355 Spyder kit I received was absolutely pitiful. Please see the photos I took (above). Also the kit had no lights, no grilles, most of the chassis reinforcements were missing and all interior pieces except the seats also missing. The convertible top used Velcro (!!) in front to hold it on, and had no mechanism as promised. All components I received were misrepresented and of terrible quality.

Since then, I have spent countless hours and phone calls attempting to get my money back. My credit card eventually credited me my deposit, but most of the (remaining) $2000 was pocketed by Jeff Williams. Mr. Williams made it impossible to return the kit, by not giving me a written authorization to return the kit as stated in his returns policy, until the credit card company refunded me the initial deposit, also misleading me with promises of them paying return shipping charges and then having them refuse at delivery. Then charging me for original free delivery. I have written countless organizations, sent out over 12 affidavits and Mr. Williams continues to evade returning my money. His company policies have changed from one letter to another and in his final resolution managed to add more bogus charges in order for him to keep my money. From the $2000 balance, Jeff Williams sent me a check for $197.

Luis A. Yanez
El Paso, Texas


On August 24, 1998 EAS' Jeffrey Williams sent me a letter that reads in part:

"Please find the final resolution in regards to a complaint filed by Luis Yanez: Luis Yanez agreed to return the merchandise for a refund and it was received. Please find the following breakdown in accordance with the "Returns" section of our "Sales & Ordering Conditions" (document#4) that the customer agreed to when signing the "Order Agreement" of the "Order Form" (document#3)."

Put briefly, Mr. Williams retained a total of over $1700 of Mr. Yanez funds, itemizing the deductions "an $1154 "restocking fee," plus Mr. Yanez' $600 in shipping charges. Mr. Williams wrote a check for only $197 to Yanez for his reimbursement. Sigh. Mr. Williams letter to me also contained the obligatory threats, which read in part:

"As far as the continual false allegations from Mr. Yanez about my company and myself (sic), they are completely untrue. I have tried to ignore these unsupported claims of continual fraud and scams, as I have THOUSANDS of satisfied customers after nine years of business..."

Thousands? Shucks, with numbers like that, you and I probably have two or three folks right on our own street who are thoroughly satisfied customers of EAS and Mr. Williams. So I challenge Jeffrey Williams to provide me with the contact information (names, addresses and phone numbers) of, say, 5 customers who will provide some evidence of his claim. And since he has THOUSANDS of satisfied customers, I'd like for his roster to include 2 or 3 folks within, say, 25 miles of me in Santa Clarita, California, so I can examine his marvelous product for myself. You see, even though Mr. Williams claims to have "THOUSANDS" of satisfied customers, I've never seen one of JLGI's products, not even one, not anywhere, not even at the Knott's Berry Farm show, which is only perhaps 125 miles from where EAS's ("suite-sounding" Mail Boxes Etc. mail drop) is located, nor at the Carlisle, Pennsylvania "Kit Car Nationals" show, nor at any other kit car or replicar show anywhere on this continent. Mr. Williams' satisfied customers must conceal themselves and their cars quite effectively. But it's okay with me if they're all painted in a camouflage color scheme--I'd just like a chance to examine the finished cars and talk to their delighted owners...

Monday, 4 May 1998:
We recently received a copy of the Tri-Counties/Santa Barbara Better Business Bureau's report on EAS/European Automotive Styling, which reads:

"The Bureau opened its file in July 1995. Based on our standards, this company (EAS) has an unsatisfactory business performance record with the Bureau. An unsatisfactory business performance report is given when 1) a pattern in the company's customer complaints causes us concern, 2) when the company does not respond to complaints, or 3) when it fails to substantiate its advertising claims. In this case, the company (i.e., EAS) has not responded to customer complaints brought to its attention by the Bureau. Better Business Bureau reports are based upon our files over the past three years. BBB reports are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgement and are subject to change at any time."

But folks, rest assured that you can continue to find JLGI/Just Spyders/ TecnoDesign/European Auto Styling's profitable ads merrily glossing the pages of your favorite kit car magazine.

Wednesday, 8 February 1998

Consumer Alert: EAS/European Auto Styling

An alert reader pointed out to us today that this JLGI/Lucas Group "dealer" operating out of a Mail Boxes Etc. .mail drop in Santa Barbara, California, is currently running photo ads in the magazine "Specialty Car Marketplace" .(October 1997 issue #198) for Koenig Ferrari.355 replicas and Lamborghini Diablo replicas. Each ad displays what appears to be a very enticing purchase price, and the F355 ad claims "Only 40 hours building time." Folks, EAS is merely an extension of the JLGI/Jack Lugus/Lucas Group/Just Spyders/Diablo Express scam operating out of Ontario, Canada [update: the JLGI gypsy caravan has again set up camp in the safe port of Florida... this time in the town of Brandon, a Tampa suburb], and 2) the photo EAS is running of the Koenig Ferrari appears to be a Koenig promotional photo of an actual Koenig Ferrari. We challenge EAS and its principals to produce any evidence whatsoever that anyone anywhere has ever managed to complete one of their replicar kits. Further, we challenge them to produce evidence that the promotional photos they're running are bona fide examples of their products. Sigh. Beware, specialty car enthusiasts, beware. Especially beware of that which you see and read in the kit car and hot rod magazines; we no longer bother attempting to persuade them to protect you by denying these shady operators access to their ad pages... they just can't resist lunging for those marvelous, self-evidently tainted advertising dollars. Sigh.

You'll find more about EAS/European Auto Styling's operations on the JLGI / Just Spyders / Lucas Group / Diablo Express / (sigh) TecnoDesign USA alert page.


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