9th Edition Kit Car Guide:

Dear kit car/replicar enthusiast:

We published the 1st Edition of our Kit Car Guide in 1983, which we advertised heavily in the kit car magazines.

“What difference did it make whether you got your kit car information from a monthly magazine or from our Kit Car Buyer's Guide?” you might ask.

It made a lot of difference.

From the Get-Go we provided you with honest information and honest feedback, with no tolerance for the industry's telemarketers (I call ’em “telepredators”) and incompetent producers. If we received serious complaints about a given manufacturer and then determined that said manufacturer's product and/or business practices were less than honorable, we didn't hesitate to let you know.

Put another way: without issuing a specific "Kit Car Seal of Approval," just the same we did our best to make sure that every kit manufacturer featured in our Buyer's Guide was reputable and worthy of being included. When a given manufacturer's business practices and/or product quality proved otherwise, we promptly yanked that manufacturer out.

How does that policy compare to that of the kit car and street rod magazines? I mean, couldn't you as a consumer rely upon the ads (and the glowing articles) you read in their pages? Wouldn't they expel any advertiser who was generating serious complaints? Sigh. Here's a link to a page on KitCar that answers that question... it's a commentary I penned several years ago, and which is more on-the-mark today than it was when I wrote it. It's titled "Predators and Editors." Do yourself a big favor: read it and heed it.

And when you see the "kit car buyer's guide" section featured occasionally in the back of those magazines, you'll always find the industry's boiler-room telepredators right there mingled along with the good guys... and it's up to you to attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff. Of all the complaints I've received over the years about kit car and and street rod and Cobra replica manufacturers and their business practices—especially the Florida telemarketers—almost precisely 100% of those complaints came from from folks who trusted what they read in the kit car and street rod magazines... and didn't bother to pursue the reliable information that was right there in our buyer's guide(s) all along.

We continue to publish our "Complete Guide to Cobra Replicas," and we intend to resume production of our Kit Car Guide. But you must understand that unlike the enthusiast magazines, we never accept the advertising of the industry's big-spending telepredators: NEVER. So when we do come out with our 10th Edition Guide you won't be able to purchase it for the price of those monthly mags. It's an expensive endeavor to conduct all that travel and research, and to obtain high-quality photographs and gather accurate and reliable information.

Put another way: the kit car and streetrod periodicals represent for you an inexpensive investment in information... and the information you rely upon from them is worth precisely what you paid for it. A lot less, in fact.

If you wish to see a continuation of our Kit Car Guide, then email me and share your thoughts with me, including what you'd like to see included in future editions.


Curt Scott
Crown Publishing Company, Inc.

(661) 251-0806



Full-sized currently- manufactured fiberglass reproductions of Cobras, Lamborghini Countaches, Ferraris, Mercedes, Corvettes, T-Birds, Porsches, vintage Ford & Chevy fiberglass reproductions, ’30s-era classics, Pontiac Fiero body conversion kits, Camaro/Firebird body packages, Curt Scott's award-winning feature exposé about Florida-based kit car & streetrod telemarketing predators, too much more to list here.

Kit Car Illustrated magazine reviewed it with this glowing praise: "a 104-page extravaganza... the Showcase sections boast sparkling photography and a thorough explanation of the kits... this guide is required reading for anyone getting into the kit car market."
Over 230 kits listed, 150 Showcases, 4 directories, 3 feature articles, and
Curt Scott's acclaimed 10 Golden Rules kit car buyer's guidelines.

$19.95 plus $5 shipping & handling, (shipped to you Priority Mail in U.S.,
Airmail to Canada
; overseas orders, add $7 for Airmail. California residents add $1.48 sales tax).


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