The 1998 NCKCC Concours: September 12 & 13th:
those magnificent men & women and their driving machines...

The photographs for this photo feature were shot by Vern Hance
of the NCKCC, and by Curt Scott. Enjoy!

The NCKCC's annual "Bash-by-the-Bay" handcrafted automobile concourse takes place every September in San Leandro, on the east side of San Francisco bay. The above photo is a tip of the hat to El Torito Mexican restaurant, whose management each year cheerfully provides their spacious bayside parking lot for the event! Above: 7:30am before the show, with early-arriving exhibitors visible in the distance.

NCKCC member Lynn Reed of Fairfield, California showed off his magnificent 1935 Auburn Speedster replica.

AHA club member David Hartman's (of Mission Viejo, California) Fiero-based GT40 Mk.II replica.

...and in the reptile department...


Marty & Julie Krueger's Butler Cobra replica.

The engine compartment of Tom Piana's (Hillsborough, California) Contemporary Roadster. That's a 427 side-oiler powerplant, thoroughly decked out in polished aluminum... one of the nicest Cobras in existence!

and the engine compartment of Marty & Julie Krueger's (Santa Ynez, California) Butler Cobra. There were dozens of splendid Cobra replicas at the show.



At right: Close-up detail of Joel Heinke's (Castro Valley, California) Classic Roadsters Guardsman Blue 427 roadster.

NCKCC member Bob Bohaboy's Classic Roadsters Marlene.

The NCKCC's Vern and Carol Hance taking their turn at the show's "Welcome" booth.

A dazzling red Sterling; we took this shot early on Saturday morning; belongs to NCKCC club member Tracy Spencer of Concord California. If the seductive lines of this beauty catch your fancy, you can visit the Solid Sterling website on

Ever-cheerful Dave Podnar (Palm Desert, California) with his magnificent 1934 Mercedes 500K reproduction.

Ron Santasiero's magnificent one-off, with unmistakable Ferrari-esque body lines. He chose a Pontiac TransAm for his base platform.

Above: Although Hummbug wasn't there with a booth, Hal Underwood (Bethel Island, California) had his dazzling red Hummbug off-roader there in all its glory.

Above: Fiber Jet Industries was there with this gorgeous, robustly-constructed silver-metalflake "Enos" dune buggy.

This 1927 Typ 35 Bugatti replica was driven to the show by NCKCC club members Pat & Anita Cooley of Livermore, California.

Below: Ken & Liz Williams' (Livermore, California) breathtaking Z-car handiwork... and all-metal, no fiberglass! The car began life over a quarter-century ago as a Nissan 240Z, which Ken and Liz converted to a spyder version. The powerplant (below, left) is a 1990 Lexus V8, neatly shoehorned into the Z-car's engine compartment. This car is a crowd stopper in every respect.



Above: At another corner of the show, Mercedes 500K and Jag SS100 replicas (and a Countach replica or two) predominate the scene.

Below: 5:30 pm Saturday. The crowd gathers for the club's ritual champagne get-together prior to dinner next door at the El Torito.

'98 Awards: NCKCC
Handcrafted Automobile Concourse

Kit Car Editor's Choice:

  Tony Goncalves....Mini-Cooper/MR-2 #69


Best of Show:

  Jay & Geri McCullough....Mercedes 500K replica #38


Best Manufacturer:

  Hummbug (represented by Hal Underwood)....#39


President's Choice:

  David & Jerry Depew....Club Member Assistance


Vice-President's Choice:

  Dale McCormick....Ferrari Testarossa #17


Show Chairman's Choice:

  Mel Coffin....Desoto/Ford #59


Ladies' Choice:

  Chris & Olivia Schmanski (Central Point, OR)....Mercedes SSK



  1st Tom Piana.......Cobra #24

  2nd Fred Forgnone...Cobra #20

  3rd Dave Jones......Cobra #56


Classic (over $20,000):

  1st Mel Coffin.............Desoto/Ford #59

  2nd Al Bohr..................Mercedes 500k #10

  3rd Jay & Geri McCullough...Mercedes #38



Classic ($10,000 to $20,000):

  1st Bob & Barb Bohaboy....Marlene #33

  2nd Hans Kiel Jr...........Jaguar SS-100 #14



Classic (Under $10,000):

  1st Chris & Olivia Schmanski...Mercedes SSK #30

  2nd Pat & Anita Cooley.........Bugatti #19

  3rd James & Wendy Wagner.......Bugatti #7



Sports (over $20,000):

  1st Brinton Jones....Manta Montage #35

  2nd Andre Capella....Ferrari Spyder #29

  3rd Dick Lager.......Lambo Countach #57



Sports ($10,000 To $20,000:

  1st Myron Sahleen.....Sebring #57

  2nd Jim Standiford....Jackrabbit #23

  3rd Tony Goncalves....Mini-Cooper/MR-2 #69



Sports (Under $10,000):

  1st Ken & Liz Williams....Datsun 240z/Lexus #60

  2nd Alan Grace............Sterling #43

  3rd Dave Mireles..........Frazer-Nash #48



Best Paint:

  Mel Coffin....Desoto/Ford #59


Best Interior:

  Jay & Geri McCullough....Mercedes 500K #38



Best Engine:

  Tom Piana....Contemporary Cobra #24



Most Unique:

  John Rank....'23 Ford T-Bucket #40

The NCKCC thanks all those who entered their cars. This year the club had a total of 72 replicars entered in the show. The high quality of these vehicles reflected the devotion and labor put into these vehicles by their builders.


After-show commentary by the NCKCC's Vern Hance:

The 16th annual show held september 12th and 13th has come and gone. It was a very good show and from all indications the spectators and exhibitors thoroughly enjoyed it. The weather and after-show champagne tasting and cuisine was tops and the Saturday night dinner (over 70 diners attending) was the biggest and smoothest-running that we've ever had.

We had some outstanding one-off creations this year. The Tony Goncalves Mini-Cooper built on a Toyota MR-2 chassis was a crowd pleaser. The Ken Williams Datsun (Nissan) 240Z convertible with the Lexus V8 under the hood looked as if it came from the factory that way. The John Pritzo's black Z-car based Tomahawk with the 350 corvette engine even sounded like a Shelby Cobra.

Thirty five of the cars were from NCKCC members; the rest of them were non-member cars which came from distant places, ranging from northern Oregon to southern California. Several manufacturers displayed their cars; Hummbug from Vancouver, Washington, was represented by NCKCC member Hal Underwood who just completed his off-roader a couple months ago; Solid Sterling (of St. Helens, Oregon) arrived with their dazzling lavender Sterling; Fiber Jet Industries was there with one of the firm's many VW-based dune buggies (a silver metalflake Enos); West Coast Exotics showed their Pontiac-based Ferrari F-50 replica, and Ken Levine of Walnut Creek (California) had his Dri-Wash-n-Guard products on display. Additionally, Jonathan Barlow/Barlow Insurance hosted a booth for the company's specialty car insurance program.

We were honored to have in attendance Jim Youngs, the editor of kit car magazine. Dan Burrill attended representing several car magazines. Curt Scott of Crown Publishing was also present and has done an outstanding job of covering the NCKCC show on the and websites and having it online within days after the event.

We thank all the club members who worked hard to make this show the best it could be. Some of the people to whom we are saying 'Thank You!' include those who did the "night security" duty, those who ran the admission gate, those doing the "At Show" registration, those who sold club merchandise and drinks, those announcing, those who solicited drawing prizes, those who arranged for trophies, tents and the sound system, those that worked on the advertising and mailings and those who pitched in to help "set-up" and later "tear-down" the show site.

And of course, a major 'Thank You!' to those NCKCC members and others who brought their cars, the basic attraction of the show!

Vern Hance

This year (1998) a high percentage of the attendees reported that they learned of the NCKCC show right here on and and!


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