Annual Bash by the Bay 9 & 10 September, 2000
photos and show coverage by Vern Hance

above: Rick Lee's dazzling Ferrari F50 replica. Most of the photos in this article are hot-linked to a larger/higher resolution copy or alternate view of the image; each opens into a new, "temporary" window. Just close that window to return to where you left off in this article.

The 18th annual show held September 9th and 10th has come and gone. It was a splendid show and from all indications the spectators and exhibitors enjoyed it. The weather was the best ever with temperatures in the 80s and gentle breezes both days. The Saturday eve catered dinner featured lots of prizes and good cuisine and fun that was enjoyed by the nearly 100 diners.

Above: (closest row, starting with the white GT40 at bottom right): Dave Hartman
(Fiero-based GT-40), Marty Rosenthal 1954 (red Kurtis), Hans Kiel, Jr. (red "Duke" Jaguar SS-100), Bob
Bohaboy (Marlene 500K), Pat Cooley Bugatti, Norm Adams black (Corvette-based) Testarossa and
some others I can't identify. R-L distant row: Jim Standiford (Tri-Magnum), Jim Standiford (blue Scirocco-based Jackrabbit), Isaac Hackett (Bradley GT), Claude Calderon (red Ferrari F-40) and five Emerson Cobras (still asleep on Sunday morning).

The total of 78 cars represents our biggest show ever. The breakdown (if you'll pardon the unintended pun) included 22 Cobras, 8 Ferrari replicas, 7 Mercedes replicas, 5 Tomahawks (+2 unregistered), 3 Jaguars, 2 each of MG-TDs, Sterlings, Bugattis and Sebrings, plus 25 others.

at right: Luciano Sarra's modified Jaguar XKE was a show-stopper. It snared trophies for Best of Show, Best Engine, and Most Unique, among others. This photo is hot-linked to an alternate view of the same car.


Hot-linked photo

Lynn Reed took 3rd Place Award in Classic over $20K with his 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster.

Hot-linked photo

at right: Vern Hance's Classic Factory Mercedes 500K snared 2nd Place in Classic over $20K

Fiber Jet Industries was there with this dynamic duo of dooners.
Fiber Jet is the world's largest producer of dune buggies. Nettie Figuhr's silver metalflake Cobra dooner
took 3rd place in Sports under $10K.

Jim Standiford took 3rd Place in Sports $10K-$20K with his thrilling three-wheeler. He also brought his Jackrabbit along to the show. What loyal support for our bayside bash!


Andrew Rodarte also brought two cars, his Ferrari 308 replica and the Sterling (at left) which took 1st Place in Sports under $10K. Another commendable and loyal show supporter!

Hot-linked photo

Don Owens finished his Classic Roadsters Sebring 5000 earlier this year and received the Kit Car Magazine special award.


Bob Bohaboy took 2nd Place in Classic $10-$20k with his Classic Roadsters Marlene.

Hot-linked photo
(alternate view)

Richard Mauro brought his Chevy 327 powered 1958 LaDawri from Klamath Falls, Oregon to win 1st Place in Classic $10K-$20K as well as the 'Ladies Choice' Award. This is truly a vintage machine dating back to the very beginning of kit car history.

Dale and Debra McCormick showed their exquisite Fiero based Ferrari Testarossa.


Dan Barbee took 1st place in Sports $10K-$20K with his Magnum GT, a rotary engine powered replica of a Dino Ferrari.

...and from the serpentarium...

above: Terry Geiser's Emerald Green Emerson Motorsports Cobra took 1st place among the Cobra replicas as well as Best Paint.. The photo above is hot-linked to a closeup of this car's stainless-lined engine compartment.

Superformance dealer Jud Philipps and girlfriend Yaritza Castro of Dynamic Motorsports in Reno, Nevada represented SF's super snakes at the show.

at right: XKs Unlimited of San Luis Obispo displayed two aluminum bodied Shelby Cobras. The finished blue & white car is shown but they also had a 'roller' sans powertrain and paint. That's XKs' Jason Len seated in the shade.

The Cobras are standing at attention, ready for inspection, Sir!


NCKCC group shots and Saturday evening festivities
(each of the photos below is hotlinked to a larger copy of the image)

above: Left to right, Wendy & James Wagner enjoy some bubbly with Carolina & Clayton Jones.

above: Mike & Sid McBride, left, and Joel & Jill Heinke with new son Eric, right, shared a table with Jonathon Barlow, center. Chuck & Sue Maddux show the back of their heads.

above: Joel Heinke, Bob Bohaboy and Tom Wallters just concluded a good joke.

above: Dan Barbee (left) and Dave Hartman (center) relax while others wait anxiously wait for their winning number to be called.

above: Kay & Chuck Honodel (right) shared a table with some Cobra owners.

above: Barbara Bohaboy fills Bill Emerson's glass."

above: Leanne Jones (upper right) presides over a room full of happy diners.

above: More happy diners here, but I can identify only Damon James at left with wife Helen (back to camera). Also Geri McCullough is partly visible at right.

above: L to R, Chuck Maddux surveys the action as Kay Honodel, Leanne Jones, Debbie Rice and Irene Wallters prepare for a toast.

One of the highlights of this year's event was the Saturday Night Champagne Party and Dinner. This has become a tradition and gets better every year. We had marginal cuisine a couple of years running, prior to last year's show, and everyone let us know about it. This problem has been fixed--and the quality of food this year was the best ever. And the wine wasn't too shabby either (the only Thunderbird was in the parking lot). Not to mention the hors d'oeuvres and Champagne prior to dinner. And the raffle after the "banquet" was spectacular! Some 50 prizes ranging up to a $300 golf bag--even the very last prize taken was a button-up shirt, probably worth $30.

A large measure of the credit goes to Leanne Jones--for choreographing the dinner, the wine, the prizes--of course with a lot of help from others. Year after year she outdoes herself--particularly in getting together the raffle prizes, the wine and the boxes and boxes of small items that are raffled off throughout the two-day event.

How does Leanne do it? We finally uncovered her deep secret: she has access to a workshop filled with busy little elves.

Leanne, keep up your excellent work. We all appreciate your efforts very much--and though many have told you so--we just wanted to say it publicly! This heartfelt 'Thank You, Leanne!" comes from the entire NCKCC membership!

2000 Awards: NCKCC
Handcrafted Automobile Concourse

Marty & Bette Rosenthals 1954 Kurtis was the 1st Place winner of Sports over $25,000 in addition to receiving the President's Award.

In the Classic category Jay & Geri McCullough took 1st Place in Classic over $25,000 with their 500K Mercedes replica. Richard Mauro brought his 1958 327 Chevy powered LaDawri from Klamath Falls, Oregon and took 1st place in Classic $10K-$20K and Ladies Choice award. Pat & Anita Cooley's Bugatti took 1st in Classic under $10,000.

The Cobra class had close competition. Terry Geiser's green Cobra took 1st place among the Cobras as well as took Best Paint. Mick Fabing's maroon Cobra took 2nd and Russ Thompson's Cobra took 3rd place.

Kit Car Illustrated magazine, represented by Dan Burrill, presented an award to Don & Pat Owens of Shingle Springs, California for their recently completed Sebring 5000.

Al Bohr's Fiero with a Cadillac Northstar V-8 under the hood looked like it came from the factory that way and took the Best Unfinished award because it will soon be a Fino rather than a Fiero. Best Interior award went to Dave Podnar and Lynn Morrow for their Mercedes 500K reproduction.

Nimo Nguyen's Blue Z-car-based Tomahawk took the Show Chair Award and looked very much like a Cobra. We had 7 of the 10 California based Tomahawks at our show although 2 of those were not officially registered. Tomahawk creator, Rory Bateman had his car in our show.

We had several manufacturers and commercial exhibitors this year including Shelby American dealer XKs Unlimited from San Luis Obispo who fearured the Shelby Cobra cars with two aluminum-bodied version on display; Jason Len of the firm took Best Manufacturer Award. Dynamic Motorsports from Reno represented Superformance. Colin & Irene Faithfull represented C&F Enterprises' Cal Ace kit for an MGB chassis. Emerson Motorsports was represented by a cadre of about 6 beautiful customer cars one of which (Terry Geiser) took first place in the Cobra class. Mike McBride of Solid Sterling attended but did not bring a display car. Ken & Judy Levine displayed their Dri Wash & Guard products and Barlow Insurance Brokerage specializing in kit car, street rod and Cobra replica insurance at reasonable rates was there on Saturday.

Thirty five of the cars came from places as distant as northern Oregon, southern California and Nevada.

We were delighted to have Dan Burrill, representing Jim Youngs, editor of Kit Car Magazine, attend and make a Special Award presentation. Curt Scott was unable to make the show this year due to other commitments, but he provided aggressive after-the-event assistance in compiling this article (i.e., about 40-50 hours of work film-scanning and editing and organizing the stuff I provided.)

We wish to thank all the club members who worked very hard to make this show the best it could be. Included among the people to whom we are saying THANK YOU are those who did the "night security" duty, those who ran the admission gate, those doing the "at show" registration, those who sold club merchandise and drinks, those announcing, those who solicited drawing prizes, those who arranged for trophies, tents and the sound system, those who worked on the advertising and mailings and those who pitched in to help "set up" and later "tear down" the show site.

Vern Hance

Best of Show:

Luciano Sarra... custom modified Jaguar XKE


Kit Car Editor's Choice:

Don & Pat Owens... Sebring 5000

Best Manufacturer:

XKs Unlimited... Jason Len-Shelby Cobras


President's Choice:

Marty & Bette Rosenthal... 1954 Kurtis


Vice President's Choice:

Andrew Rodaret... Sterling


Show Charman's Choice:

Nimo Nguyen... Tomahawk



1st.  Terry Geiser
2nd  Mick Fabing
3rd  Russ Thompson


Classic (over $20,000):

1st.  Jay & Geri McCullough... 1934 Mercedes 500K
2nd  Vern & Carol Hance... 1934 Mercedes 500K
.  Lynn Reed... 1935 Auburn Speedster


Classic ($10,000 to $20,000):

1st.  Richard Mauro... 1958 LaDawri
2nd  Bob & Barb Bohaboy... Marlene
.  Hans Kiel, Jr.... Jaguar SS100


Classic (under $10,000):

1st.  Pat & Anita Cooley... Bugatti Type 35
2nd  James & Wendy Wagner... Bugatti Type 35
3rd Craig & Debbie Rice... MG-TD


Sports (over $20,000):

1st.  Marty & Bette Rosenthal... 1954 Kurtis
2nd  Rick Lee... Ferrari F50
.  Luciano Sarra... custom Jaguar XKE


Sports ($10,000 to $20,000):

1st.  Dan Barbee... Magnum GT
2nd  Damon James... Sebring 5000
.  Jim Standiford... Tri-Magnum


Sports (under $10,000):

1st.  Andrew Rodarte... Sterling
2nd  Isaac Hacket... Bradley GT
.  Nettie Figuhr... Cobra dune buggy


Best Paint:

Terry Geiser... Emerson Cobra


Best Interior:

Dave Podnar & Lynn Morrow... 1934 Mercedes Benz 500K


Best Engine:

Luciano Sarra... custom Jaguar XKE


Most Unique:

Luciano Sarra... custom Jaguar XKE

The NCKCC extends heartfelt thanks to all those wonderful folks who entered their cars. This year we had a total of 78 cars entered in the show. The quality of these vehicles reflects the devotion and labor that these individual craftsmen (craftspersons?) put into these vehicles.


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