Kit/Replicar/Cobra Nationals
May 14-16, 1999
............Carlisle, Pennsylvania USA .by Paul Mossberg

Foreword by Curt Scott: Throughout this photo-montage feature you'll find hot links (both text links and image links) to the Web page(s) on and/or where you'll find more information about that company, car, product, service or club. The photographic coverage of this event was splendidly executed by none other than New Jersey Replicar Club former prez Paul Mossberg. Also, each of the (film-scanned) photographic images in this article is hot-linked to a larger/higher-resolution copy of that same image, so that you can pick and choose those photos you wish to examine in greater detail. Each of these hi-rez images (and each of the Web-page links as well) will open in a second "temporary" window, so that you can close it to instantly return to right where you left off in this article.

Finally, the sun shines on Carlisle!

It was like a scene from "Superman": Carlisle denizens gazed skyward and whispered in trepidation and wonderment: Look, up in the sky! What is it? What is that bright object? Is it alien? Is it an apparition? Is this some new, Orson Welles spoof?

But, once again, truth was stranger than fiction: folks, this was ol' Sol himself, making a weekend-long appearance for the first time in the last several instalments of Carlisle's "Kit Car/Replicar/Cobra Nationals" show. The weather was better in Carlisle than just about anywhere else on the continent. With noted editor and photojournalist Curt Scott relaxing at his poolside in southern California as his Nubian slaves catered to his every whim, there was no reason for the weather gods to rain on our parade.

As with Curt Scott's coverage of the 1997 & 1998 Carlisle show, you'll find my Carlisle coverage to be a mostly photographic phenomenon; I shot nearly 200 images at the show, and it seems only reasonable to share as many of them with you as download time (and your patience) allows. So begin your photo tour of the 1999 Carlisle Replicar/Cobra Nationals...

First, a sampling of the non-reptilian entries...
(and remember, each of the photos is hot-linked to a larger image)

At left is Regal Roadsters' entry: their dazzling reproduction 1955 bird.

At right is Vette Rod's 1959 2-seater reproduction. You can read our warning about Vette Rod on the Consumer Alert page. Buyer beware!


At your left is FiberTech Industries' Hum-J-7's offroader. It's a rebody package for a Jeep CJ.

And a Hummbug on your right.

NJRC club member Ralph Hyman's Jag XK120 replica.

PISA Corporation was there with their (Fiero-based) "Artero."

Below: a couple of crowd-stopping
reproduction roadsters...

Lone Star's 1955 300SLR reproduction.

ERA's magnificent 1962 Grand Sport replica.

...The NJRC...
its members, its motorcars


Above: From left to right (hot-linked large photo), a lineup of NJRC club members: Benta Karns, mystery guest (back row), Tim Lewis (in red shirt), Michel Burel (white shirt), Bill Karns, Dennis Gronan and Gloria (blue sweater), Dean Collins, Ron Thomas, Warren Seifer (white shirt), (daughter) Christina and Dana Thomas, Marvin Klein (back row, behind Dana), Linda & Rocky Cimbrec (green & white jackets), Bill Maartz (back row, behind Rocky), Ron "Elvis" Allyn (back row), Harry Bernard and Samantha Thomas, Jiri Konvalinka (back row), Paul Mossberg (red, white & blue jacket), Renate Bernard, Vince Albora.

At right: Elvis Presley look-alike and veteran performer Ron Allyn, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, beside his 1934 Mercedes 500K replica.

Speedster 'C', owned and driven by Bruce Stumpp of Maryland.

500SL replica, owned and driven by renowned man-about-town and bon vivant, former NJRC club President Paul Mossberg.

Classic Roadsters Sebring, owned and driven by NJRC club member (and esteemed former club prez) Tim Lewis.

1999 Carlisle show:
Cobra and GT40 replicas


Above: ERA (New Britain, Connecticut) displayed several of their customers' world-class Cobras and GT40s: Above is Steve Jaques' Midnight Blue 427S/C. Above left is a magnificent green & yellow ERA GT40 Mk1, and (above, right) Steve Jaques' 427 engine compartment.

Above three photos: a dazzling emerald-green West Coast Cobra, the proud possession of Dan Heatherly. Make sure you check out the hot-linked Hi-rez images of this gem!

Factory Five had their Cobras on display (this is the same car that got 'rolled' at the 1998 Run & Gun), along with a special 460cid-equipped chassis.

Above: Everett Morrison (Tampa, Florida) displayed this blue 427SC replica
alongside a fully-decked-out E-M finished chassis.

Above left: MidStates booth; Above right: a brace of MidStates snakes, each wearing MidStates' splendid hard top.

Super Superformance dealer duo Bob and Dennis Olthoff (Salisbury, NC, USA) were there along with (below) Superformance's Ohio-homebased team.

Superformance was well represented, with Ron and Dean Rosen running the booth and showing off two of their Cobra replicas.

Factory Five Cobra replica, owned and driven by NJRC club member Bill Karns.

Shell Valley Motors' booth.

Unique Motorcars had a whole lineup of cars at the event.

Above: Classic Roadsters displayed one of their Cobras equipped with a Viper (!!) powerplant. You can check out the engine compartment with the photo's hot link.

Upstate Super Replicars had their Daytona Coupe replica on display.

There were of course dozens more splendid replicars and Cobras that I photographed that deserve to be showcased in this article. Unfortunately your download time considerations prohibit me from including them all. My apologies for those omissions.

Paul Mossberg


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